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How to get rid of dust mites and allergies

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites for Allergy Relief


Have allergies? Dust mites may be the culprit. Among animal dander, pollen, and insects, these microscopic creatures are also common causes of allergies1. They can be found everywhere around your house, especially in soft or fabric-lined items or surfaces. So, what can you do about it? Keep reading for tips and advice on how to get rid of dust mites.

How do Dust Mites Cause Allergies?

Dust mites … Read the rest »

7 natural ways to increase iron intake

7 Effective and Natural Ways to Increase Iron Intake


Fatigue, trouble focusing, and shortness of breath are a few signs you may have an iron deficiency. Supplements are a great way to get back on track. However, there are many natural ways to increase iron intake as well! Keep reading to learn more.

Why Iron is Important for Body Function

Oxygen is a large component of proper cell function and energy production. When our cells are deprived of oxygen, … Read the rest »

5 of the best probiotics for IBS

The 5 Best Probiotics for IBS You Need to Try!


As one of the most common disorders, IBS has many treatments to help keep symptoms in check. One such treatment worth exploring is probiotics. Unsure of what’s effective? Keep reading for our list of the best probiotics for IBS!

How Effective Are Probiotics for IBS?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that supplement the gut’s bacterial lining. They’re meant to help balance the “good” bacteria in your intestinal flora when consumed regularly.… Read the rest »

Active sitting chairs used in the office

The 5 Best Active Sitting Chairs to Improve Your Health!


You’ve probably already heard the news—sitting is the new smoking. In light of the long-term negative consequences of sitting for long periods, active sitting chairs are becoming more popular.

Aside from expensive standing desks, active sitting chairs are some of the healthier (and more affordable) alternatives to sitting sedentarily in your office chair.

Unlike regular chairs, active sitting chairs keep your muscles engaged and help you work on … Read the rest »